Apple’s Vision Pro headset is hiding yet another XL Lightning plug

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We thought the 12-pin plug connecting the Vision Pro to its battery pack was the final boss of Lightning cables — but there’s one that’s even bigger. Hiding within the strap on the Vision Pro headset is what I can only call a Mega Lightning plug.

This XL cable appears to slot into the side of the headset underneath the Vision Pro’s cushy band. That makes it a bit more inconspicuous than the large Lightning plug discovered yesterday, which you can pop out by sticking a SIM removal tool into the Vision Pro’s battery pack.

This is the “smaller” Lightning-like connector hiding in the Vision Pro’s external battery pack.
Image: Nilay Patel / The Verge

Last year, Apple ditched its proprietary Lightning cable for USB-C on the iPhone 15 to comply with regulations in the European Union. And now we’ve found not one, but two extra large Lightning cables hiding in the $3,499 Vision Pro — even if they’re not intended for people to actually use.