We’ve got $10 10K HDMI video cables already on sale — so where are these cheap 8K monitors?

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I can confess that I have been a huge cheerleader for 8K resolution on desktop monitors for years. After all, why not? The geometric progression of resolution that saw the number of pixels – and the average size of screens – increase over the past decade from full HD to 4K has allowed consumers and businesses to benefit from virtual multi-screen displays. Remember that a single 43-inch 4K monitor is the equivalent of four full HD 21.5-inch monitors, without the trouble of getting extra cables and monitor arms.

So when Dell launched its first (and still only) 8K monitor six years ago (yes, six), I was expecting the floodgates to open, especially as it retails for several thousand British pounds/US Dollars/Australian Dollars. The UP3218 remains the only 8K monitor and ironically is already obsolete as it doesn’t support HDMI 2.1. Almost a year ago, I wrote that I don’t believe 8K monitors will ever go mainstream, now I am not even sure there will be many 8K monitors launched.