Gozney’s new Arc pizza oven wants to make you a slice you can’t refuse 🤌🤌

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The maker of the best consumer pizza ovens, Gozney, is adding two more affordable, at-home ovens to its range: the Arc and Arc XL. These gas-fired, stone-floor ovens utilize new lateral side burners and thick insulation to provide up to 950ºF / 500ºC of uniform heat across their cooking area, to make it easy to cook excellent pizza at home.

While both borrow the same puck shape of the popular Gozney Dome, the new Arc and Arc XL are more compact than their expensive siblings, weighing in at just 47 pounds ( 21.5kg) and 58 pounds (26.5kg) compared to the 128 pound (58kg) Dome and 105 pound (48kg) Dome S1.

The Arc units ditch the chimney flue for a sleek, soot-reducing vent and integrate a replaceable stone floor that you can swap out to extend the lifespan of the product. 

Gozney Arc with stand and gas bottle

(Image credit: Gozney)

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